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 Listings Updated November 12..
 Laster Realty Company  - Connie Laster   (Muldrow)  (21 Properties)
 Listings Updated October 30..
 Chuck Fawcett Realty Chaffee Crossing  - Becky Ivey   (Fort Smith)  (34 Properties)
 Listings Updated September 03..
 Sequoyah County Properties  - Scott Looper   (Roland)  (37 Properties)
 Listings Updated August 12..
 Bradford & Udouj Realtors  - Tina Wilkinson   (Ft Smith)  (3 Properties)
 Listings Updated August 07..
 Chuck Fawcett Office of Van Buren  - Betty Lyles   (Van Buren)  (131 Properties)
 Chuck Fawcett Realty - Van Buren Branch  - Betty Lyles   (Van Buren)  (21 Properties)
 Listings Updated June 13..
 All Seasons Real Estate  - Lori Menichetti   (Holiday Island)  (13 Properties)
 Listings Updated May 23..
 Kevin Clifton Real Estate, Inc.  - Kevin Clifton   (Van Buren)  (61 Properties)  "Local Market Experts!"
 Listings Updated May 12..
 The Real Estate Resource of Ft. Smith  - OPEN HOUSES   (Eureka Springs)
 Chuck Fawcett Realty - Van Buren Branch  - Tiffiney Tilbury   (Van Buren)  (17 Properties)
 Listings Updated May 08..
 Chuck Fawcett Realty - Van Buren Branch  - Mary Jo Weidman   (Van Buren)  (9 Properties)
 Listings Updated May 07..
 Chuck Fawcett Realty - Van Buren Branch  - Mayra Marciano   (Van Buren)  (6 Properties)
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